The tragic wave of the pandemic

The catastrophe of a wave that it proved to be took the breathes away of many. Irresponsibility and recklessness lurking as the cause, behind the second wave that the country had to face. An eventful wave happened to showcase some of the major flaws of our country as a whole. Covid-19 didn’t just take the lives of people, it also has statistically managed to make 97 percent of citizens of India poorer than before. The puddle that the second wave created is very apparently larger and deeper than the first time Covid-19 had struck India. In terms of deaths, people diseased, unemployment, scarcity, agitation, etc.

Image credit: The Indian Practitioner

India seemed to have relived the initial Covid-19 days, making lockdown, distressed migrators; a norm rather than something unsettling. The only plus point, if we must look into it, is that it perhaps revamped India’s vaccination speed, and urged more and more people to get immunized against the avenge, marking about 20 percent of people being injected with the first dose, and 4.7 percent people stand fully vaccinated. However, this time the locus of the second wave was not just saturated in some metro parts of the country but affected the rural areas too.

The entire country faced some major shortage of medical infrastructure, enabling the supply of life-supporting medicines and equipment to crores of people.

The second wave might have dulled down, statistically, for now. The repercussions still happen to depress the capability of Indians and their sectors, standing up on their feet again. With the incoming variety of the virus, the surety of accouterments against it is now the only way out of the crisis.

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